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Our team includes specialists
in all trades.

Our technicians can count on a complete set of tools and equipment (water-jet cutting) at the forefront of technology. Folding, cutting, drilling, welding, polishing, everything is done to achieve your custom stainless steel product. Finesse and thoroughness to detail are also on the Company’s menu. Great care is taken to storage and handling equipment. Your project has materialized, only last detail remains, installation!

Manufacturing process

For all stainless steel products, our cutting-edge equipment (water-jet cutting) ensures our manufacturing process meets the highest quality standards. We are committed to achieving tailored results that meet your expectations...

Syri / All Inox has two (2) digital
water jet cutting machines.


Work surface

62" X 117"
157 cm X 297 cm


Work surface

78" X 157"
198 cm X 398 cm

With this equipment, we can cut: the stainless, plastic, lexan, rubber, non-tempered glass... and without any material deformation.

Syri / All stainless steel has two (2) brakes
with digital control.



1/4 inch. X 96"
6mm X 2440 mm



1/4 inch. X 144"
6mm X 3660 mm

This equipment allows you to vary the types of folding. The accuracy of folding remains constant even if the quantities are significant.

Our employees are very careful and anxious to assemble the parts with precision. This finesse in our work ensures a perfect product.

We use TIG welding. The advantage of this type of welding is its smooth and inconspicuous appearance.

We polish the Stainless Steel with the desired finish
(eg # 4 finish, mirror finish...).

Welds are cleaned with acid. This procedure ensures a uniform finish.

At each stage of production, we control the product. Thus, after folding, after cutting, each piece is inspected, tested, re-measured before the next steps. This procedure is carried out until the final product realization.

Our packaging is made according to different criteria :

  • The fragility of the product
  • The place of dispatch
  • The type of transport

So we get the assurance that your products go safely and in good condition.